Each session taught me something new about Dawson County and its communities. I look forward to utilizing the resources learned and networks made for the betterment of Dawson County and my community.
— Stephanie Novoa, (Dawson Area Development) Dawson Area Leadership class #16

Dawson Area Leadership is a two year program. Year one the applicant will participant in the various day sessions and year two they will serve on committees planning and hosting the day sessions for the next class. Day sessions will be held the first Wednesday of the month with the exception of January due it falling on a holiday. Expect day sessions to run from 8:00am-5:00pm with the exception of State Government Day in Lincoln being long due to the travel.

Year 1 Schedule:

August TBD Evening picnic
September 4 Introduction of DAD, LDC & Leadership Principles
October 2 Agriculture, Energy & Environment Day
Prior to November 6 Law enforcement evening ride-along & attendance at a meeting of
elected officials such as a City Council or County Commissioners meeting
November 6 Local Government & Law Enforcement Day
December 4 Education Day
January 8 Health & Human Services Day
February 5 Business, Industry & Media Day
March 4 Art, Culture, & Recreation Day
April 1 State Government Day (extended day in Lincoln)
May TBD Water Tour
June 3 Volunteer, community & graduation

DEADLINE - JUNE 14, 2019 5PM
2019-2020 Application online application
Applicant/Employer Committee Form - must be printed, signed and mailed/emailed

For questions please contact Andrea McClintic, dawsonareadirector@gmail.com.

Nominate an individual for the 2020-2020 adult Dawson Area Leadership class

Please note that individuals do not need to be nominated to apply, however, all nominees will receive written notice of their nominations in efforts to encourage them to apply. Individuals must live or work in the Dawson County Area (e.g. Dawson County, Elwood or Eustis). Nominations must be received by May 31, 2019 for individuals to be formally notified.

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The Dawson Area Leadership program was a great way to develop relationships with like-minded people in the Dawson County area. I learned so much about what our county has to offer, not just to those of us who live here, but to others outside of our area as well.
— Elissa Martin, (Mary Kay) Dawson Area Leadership class #16